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 +====== Skills ====== 
 +  * Software Programming:​ Python, C, C#, C++, Bash, Java, PHP, x86-64 Assembly 
 +  * Web Development:​ HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Flask, Chrome DevTools 
 +  * Software Engineering:​ Git Workflow, Software Testing, Debugging and Profiling Tools 
 +  * Data Science: Machine Learning, Web Crawling, Data Visualization,​ Apache Spark 
 +  * System Administration:​ Linux, Windows, Docker, NGINX, Network Configuration 
 +  * Security: Smart Contracts, Cryptography,​ Reverse Engineering,​ Computer Forensics 
 +  * Others: Verilog, Excel, Vim, LATEX, Functional Programming,​ Flex & Bison
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